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Welcome to The Boat Doctor

Hey , hey it's time to go boating the car is packed you have invited all your friends and you are off to the water !! You get there unpack every thing ....... and the worst happens the boat will not start :-(  what do you do ??     
well where do you go when you are sick ...
The Doctor right ?



Here at The Boat Doctor we offer the following:


 - COF (Certificate of Fitness) and yearly renewals 

 - Buoyancy Certification and renewals

 - Servicing of most makes of outboard motors

 - The best propeller repairs in South Africa (Aluminium, Brass and Stainless Steel) 

 - Gear case repairs (Skegs / Lower fin / Cavitation plates)

 - Sales in new and used propellers 

 - Professional advice  


Boat Running

Mercury Racing